Thursday, January 7, 2010

You Ain't From Around Here, Are Ya?

So, Shawn has heard this remark both yesterday and again today. We're a little amused by it, so I thought I'd share.

Yesterday Shawn went in to the local hardware store. He was looking at the No Trespassing/No Hunting/Private Property signs when two local men came up to him. "Having problems with trespassers?" one of them said. Shawn replied, "Well I just moved here and noticed a lot of deer on our property. I thought I'd be pro-active so no one decides to hunt on my land." The local man replied, "Where ya at?" Shawn said, "Oh I got a place east of town." At this point the local man nudges the other one and snickers and says, "He don't want us to know, does he? He wants to keep all them deer to himself." They laughed and said, "That's ok, that's ok." The man then said, "You gonna have problems with road hunters then?" Shawn said, "Well road hunting's illegal and I don't want anyone to be tempted to road hunt off my property." The local man nudged his friend and said, "You don't know anything about road huntin' now, would ya?" The two men had a great laugh over that and proceeded to walk away. When Shawn was at the check-out counter, the clerk was talking to him about the items he was purchasing. Shawn explained to the clerk that we just moved here and there were a few projects that needed to be taken care of around the property. Then Shawn heard a familiar voice behind him, "Yeah, you can tell he ain't from around here!"

Then today Shawn went in to the local lumber store. The clerk explained that he would take Shawn's order, then give him a ticket. Shawn would then need to take the ticket, drive around to the other building, present his ticket to a man over there, and his lumber would then be loaded. Shawn got tickled when he drove to the other building only to find out that the man he presented his ticket to was the same man that just took his order. :)

Later, the clerk was loading up the lumber and Shawn was preparing to tie it down using the hitch of the truck. The clerk gave Shawn a confused look and said, "You ain't from around here, are ya?" Shawn replied, "Well, we just moved here." The man then said, "Yeah, I could tell...ya ain't got a knob on your truck." Apparently we're odd because Shawn doesn't keep the knob on the hitch of his truck all the time. So, we are now accepting donations of boat trailers or horse trailers or flatbed trailers..anything that requires a hitch. Come on...don't you want us to have friends?

So, I guess it's pretty evident that we're doing a great job blending right in to our new community. At this rate, we might make the front page of the newspaper.


  1. Oh, that is too funny! Don't feel bad it happens everywhere and in every sleepy little burg across the country. After awhile, Shawn will be asking that same question of some other newbie. Gotta love country. God bless

  2. Hilarious. And you didn't move that far from the Bluff. It's funny how people think of the Bluff as the city and everywhere around it country. And I think it's all a one-horse town.