Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Children's Bike Building

Shawn has been working really hard on this for a little while.  He's not one to let a project sit unfinished, but the snow and ice delayed him getting it done as fast as he wanted.  We were originally going to purchase one of the pre-built storage buildings that would just be delivered to our property, but after figuring up the costs we realized that Shawn could build one for half the cost.  So, that's what he did.

 He began by framing a 10' x 10' floor, elevating and leveling it with concrete blocks.
 Next came the frame of the walls.
 The walls were held in place by 5-year-old Andrew while Shawn nailed them down.  He said in a few years he'll have Andrew in charge of construction and Shawn can hold the boards for him.
 The roof is 8 1/2 feet high at the front and 6 1/2 feet high in the rear.
 The walls and roof are made from sheets of OSB (a type of strong plywood) and sheets of metal were used on top instead of roofing shingles for durability and longevity.  (You can see here that the children are already anxious to move things in!)
During the snow and the cold, Shawn installed the doors and did some finish work.  A ramp will be added and the wood treated with a waterproof stain once the weather improves.

Now my job starts.  I need to sort through all the bubbles, sidewalk chalk, balls, trucks, outdoor games, and ride-on toys to see how everything should be best organized.  Shawn's relieved that now the shop can actually be used as a shop!

Oh, and this was his project last month, an implement shed that he built behind the barn.  He's been busy despite the cold!

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