Thursday, February 20, 2014

Homestead Homeschooling

When we woke up this past Saturday morning we found Sam playing in the dining room.  He loves battles, whether they be Revolutionary War, Civil War, or WWII.  So, teaching Sam history is no problem at all.  If we left him alone I think he would sit and read history books all day long.

Last Saturday morning he was studying a Civil War history book that has drawings of specific battles.  He was studying the Battle of Chickamauga.

Then, at the dining room table he was re-creating the battle using his Civil War battle set that he got for Christmas last year.  He used the tents in place of the Kelly House and the Poe House that the battle was fought near.

After he finished setting everything up he went on to have the battle according to what he'd read in his books.  The Confederates won the battle even though they lost more casualties.  The Confederates lost 18,000 to the Union's 16,000.  Only the Battle of Gettysburg lost more casualties.  Sam went on to do some math at this point.  We had him figure up just how many more casualties there were at Gettysburg than there were at Chickamauga.

I don't know the technical terminology for how we do homeschooling around here, but this is the way that Sam learns best.


  1. I've been looking for that book for years! I used to love looking at the beautiful battle drawings during my 3rd grade reading period. Any chance you could tell me the name?

  2. Sure! It's a wonderful book. The title is The Civil War by Bruce Catton. Here's the link to it at amazon: