Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Winter-time Week On Our Homestead - Tuesday

Today was a pretty productive day.  The children were great helpers and the weather was much improved.  While the temperature was still very cold, we had wonderful sunshine today.  It helped to melt some more of the snow and warmed up the house quite a bit.  Overall, a very nice day.

I had originally planned to take the children to the library today.  We had library books due and I thought it would be neat to take the camera and post some pictures of the children at the library.  However, Shawn wasn't comfortable with us driving around on the dirt roads that are still somewhat slick, so we stayed home today and Shawn returned our library books on his way home from work today.  So, this is how our day went instead...

This morning started off as usual.  We went through our normal routine.  Since I have a lot of leftover meat from last night's pork roast I fixed Meaty Cheesy Scrambled Eggs with toast for breakfast (basically just scrambled eggs with meat chunks and shredded cheese thrown in).  After breakfast we had our morning Bible time.  Then Andrew and David went outside with me to water the animals while Sam and Sarah stayed inside to get the dishes washed up.

When we came back inside I took a load of diapers out to the dryer and then started making butter by putting the cream in the Kitchenaid mixer.  I wanted to try a new recipe tonight for our dessert so I went online and printed it up.  While online I also found a link for a free booklet on animal tracks.  With all the snow we've really been able to find some neat-looking animal prints.  So, I printed up the booklet and the children had a good time studying the different tracks.

The studying of the animal tracks transitioned into Sam wanting to draw a picture of a wolverine leaving tracks in the snow.  Then he had to research what kind of environment the wolverine typically lives in.  After his research he decided that his wolverine lived in the mountains of Utah.  So, he finished his picture of his wolverine leaving tracks in the snow among the mountains and pine trees of Utah.  Then that transitioned into his researching what happened to the U.S.S. Utah when Pearl Harbor was bombed.  This is how our homeschool flowed today!

So, by this time my butter was all done.  Here's a picture of my butter-helpers today.  I hadn't rinsed all the buttermilk out of the butter yet, but you can kind of see what we ended up with.

After the butter was finished I started baking our dessert treat for tonight.  Since I still have some of our blueberries in the freezer I made a Blueberry Buttermilk Coffeecake.  I obviously had plenty of buttermilk to use, but I use all of our buttermilk in making our bread, so I had to substitute the buttermilk in the recipe with regular milk mixed with some vinegar.  The dessert turned out wonderfully!  It's very light and not too sweet.  It would be perfect with a cup of coffee.   Everyone loved it, so it's on the list to make again sometime.  I'll try to the post recipe soon.

After I got the dessert baking in the oven I started in on our bread.  By the time that was mixed up and on its first rise Shawn was coming home.  In addition to dropping off our library books, he also had to go pick up our fresh milk today from our neighbors and pick up animal feed from the feed store.  So, he started working on putting the feed away and I got the milk jars put up.

While Shawn was working outside with Sam and David, I stayed inside with Sarah and Andrew.  They helped me clean the living room and then we started in on the dining room.  We didn't get the dining room completely cleaned though, so we'll work on it again tomorrow.  I was really pleased when Shawn brought in today's eggs..FIFTEEN of them!

By now it was suppertime.  Since I did so much baking today we kept supper real simple.  We made up mega-salads with spinach, tomatoes, red onion, cheese, chicken, and sunflower seeds.  Of course we had the blueberry cake for dessert too.

After supper Shawn cleaned up the kitchen while I ground up some more spelt for another round of bread-baking tomorrow.  Whenever I have a large supply of buttermilk I like to go ahead and get the baking done.  I keep the bread in the freezer and then it's ready when we need it.  I'll try to take pictures of our bread-baking tomorrow.  After the kitchen was cleaned up we had our Bible time and then watched an Andy Griffith episode.

The children our now in bed.  Today's loaves of bread are cooling on the counter and I'm ready for a much-needed shower.  I know a lot of people must think our lives are oh-so-boring and monotonous, but that's just the way we like it!

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