Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Winter-time Week On Our Homestead - Wednesday and Thursday

So, where did Wednesday go?  Wednesday hit me hard.  I had another adrenal crash Wednesday morning and after that the rest of my day was not much fun.  This is the way it usually happens.  I'm feeling good.  I feel like I'm healing.  I have energy.  Then out of nowhere the bottom just drops out and I can hardly lift myself off the couch.  That's what Wednesday was like.  I did manage to do one load of laundry and I did finally get my batch of bread baked, but it didn't come out of the oven until 10:00 last night!  I was thankful that Grandma Colette had sent the new Bible DVD for the children because I had them watch some of those Bible stories while I rested.

So..enough with awful Wednesday.  Moving on to Thursday.

I had to get up earlier than usual today because we had friends coming over here early this morning.  I had Shawn wake me at 6:00 so that I would have plenty of time to get inside chores done, breakfast eaten, Bible time finished, laundry started, and animals watered before our friends showed up at 8:30.  A friend and I have this system where we each get one morning of "Momma Time" per month.  I'll take my oldest children to her house for one morning a month and then later in the month she'll bring her children to my house.  While our children are being watched we get some quiet time to tackle a project, run errands in town, or just rest without having to meet the needs of little ones.  This morning was my turn to watch her children.  The children got to play together all morning long.  They started off by "playing church."

(I know it looks awful, but I had Shawn blur out the faces of my friend's children.  I don't think she wants her children's pictures to be on the internet.)  They lined up a bunch of the dolls and got all the children's Bibles out.  Andrew found a little microphone that came with a Mr. Potato Head set and he proceeded to be the preacher.  It was really cute watching them play.  Then they went on to do many other things.  My friend came back just before lunchtime and we all sat and ate lunch together.  Then she and I were able to visit for a little while before they left.  Andrew, David, and Anna all went down for a nap while Sam, Sarah, and I began cleaning up the kitchen.  I got a load of cloth diapers washing.  I also watered our seeds and was pleased to find that many of them have already sprouted!

A short time later Shawn came home.  Today was delivery day for our food co-op so Shawn had a truckload of food for me to sort through and put away.  The children have been eagerly awaiting the food co-op delivery this month because I had ordered some special additive-free, organic lollipops for them.  David was loving his grape lollipop.

Shawn, Sam, and Sarah did the normal outside chores of feeding and watering animals, collecting eggs (11 today), and hauling in firewood.  I was still busy putting away food and then starting supper.

For supper tonight we had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  There was no dessert tonight, but I have big plans for baking a sweet treat tomorrow.  After Bible time the children got ready for bed.  They played hard today so I think they were all ready to sleep.  Shawn started cleaning up the kitchen while I made up the batter for some sugar cookies that will, Lord willing, be baked tomorrow.  Sarah has been wanting to use the cookie cutters that Shawn's grandmother gave us several years ago.  I decided that we'll try making heart-shaped cookies tomorrow and see how that goes.

Now I am oh-so-very-tired and ready to get some sleep.  Hopefully I'll have some cute cookie pictures to post for you tomorrow.

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