Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who Does Obama Trust?

Another guest post from my dear husband...Enjoy!

Please take a moment to consider the following decisions recently made by the Obama Administration:

This year, Obama made the decision to cancel all further orders by the U.S. Air Force of the Lockheed-Martin F-22 fighter jet. This is the world’s most advanced fighter jet, considered untouchable by other fighters. In other words, if your air force is flying F-22s, you control the sky. About the same time Obama decided to deny our military this advanced fighter, he decided to approve the sale of F-22 fighters to Saudi Arabia. (I believe this decision was made after he bowed down to the Saudi king.) In addition to the F-22, Obama also approved selling 84 F-15 fighters, weapon system upgrades for 70 current F-15s, 70 Apache fighter helicopters and 72 Black Hawk helicopters. No nation (including the U.S. or Israel) will be able to effectively stop the Saudi Air Force.

While this decision was being made, the Obama Administration decided to prohibit the sale of World War II era rifles to U.S. citizens. During the Korean War, thousands of surplus M-1 Garand and M-1 Carbine rifles were transferred to South Korea. Now that these rifles are very outdated, the South Korean military has no use for them. The South Korean government announced plans to sell 87,310 M-1 Garand rifles and 770,160 M-1 Carbine rifles to American licensed gun dealers. Gun collectors were thrilled to learn these highly desired, historic rifles would be made available.

The Obama Administration blocked the transfer of these rifles, citing a “threat to public safety in the U.S.” if the public was allowed to own these rifles. Keep in mind, we are talking about 70-year-old semi-auto rifles. The M-1 Garand holds 8 rounds, the M-1 Carbine holds 15 rounds, and function like any other semi-auto rifle. Despite the ordinary, common design of these rifles, Obama and his cronies call them “assault weapons.”

So, let’s put this in perspective….Saudi Arabia (home of 18 of the 19 9/11 hijackers) is trusted with the world’s most advanced fighter jets, but American citizens are not trusted with 70-year-old rifles. Even more disturbing, the Obama Administration has changed the U.S. position, previously taken by the Bush Administration, on the United Nations global gun ban. The U.N. treaty to ban private possession of small arms is set to go into effect in 2012, with the U.S. now fully on-board. Assuming everything does not go the hell in a hand basket before then, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

It is interesting to consider who Obama considers his trusted friends and who he considers his enemies. As gun owners, it is clear how he feels about us. No matter how the elections turn out in November, gun ownership will continue to be threatened over the next 2 years. Obama doesn’t trust citizens who own guns, and for gun owners, the feeling is mutual.


  1. Wow, thanks for posting this. This is the kind of stuff I would never find out about, since I don't read the newpaper or watch TV. My husband has recently become an avid hunter, buying 3 guns in this last year. A pistol is next on his list.

  2. irritated me enough I had to share with this blog, I hope you won't mind. And remember as Thomas Jefferson said "The tree of liberty needs to watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants" The Government is in fear that we the PEOPLE will rise and take back our country

  3. Ottar, I'm honored that you chose to share Shawn's post. That's the reason we put this blog up to begin with, so we can share our thoughts and experiences with others.

  4. Ottar, that is why military type rifles are the first target of gun bans. They are the only type of guns you could actually use to repeal a military type attack on your home. The government wants to eliminate all forms of self-sufficiency. Things such as homeschooling, stockpiling prep items, personally owned livestock, small-scale milk production, organic gardening, health savings accounts and owning guns reduces a person's dependance on government. If we have to rely on the government and government regulated businesses to provide these goods and services, then they have full control of our lives.

  5. Here is my prediction:
    By the end of this year, there will be some type of incident that Obama will use to show an immediate need to ban auto-loading and/or high capacity firearms. Either Congress quickly passes a law in some midnight session, or BO just signs an executive order like Bush Sr. did in 1989.
    The Democrats vowed to nationalized health care, they did it. They vowed to ban off-shore drilling, they did it. They vowed to ban school prayer, they did it. They vowed to put gays in the military, hey did it. They vowed to ban various guns, they WILL do it. They vowed to double our energy taxes with Cap and Trade, they WILL do it.
    Democrats are socialists, therefore think differently than a capitalist or libertarian. Just as a Muslim is perfectly willing to blow themselves up or strap a bomb to their own child while a Christian would never consider that. They are much more dedicated to their beliefs than we are, that is why they continue to gain ground. Either we become more radical and dedicated than they are, or we lose this culture war.

  6. Listen to yourselves! I am in shock as I read these comments. You are talking about rising up and taking control of the government. You have no right to take over our government, that is why we have laws to control this type of behavior. We have a government in place to protect all of our interests, and a world court to meet this need globally.
    Why should people have weapons of war? I am thrilled that President Obama is stopping this crazy idea of importing these articles of warfare. We don't need more religious nuts running around with guns. Stop promoting this dangerous selfish urge to do as you please. We are guests on this planet, must work together for the collective interest and to protect all lifeforms from the destructive urges of the religious right and freedom fanatics.
    There will not be peace until this world is united in spirit, belief, social justice and economic equality. Only then will we be truly free. President Obama is trying to unite this world and shame on all of you for standing in his way.

  7. In response to the last post "Listen to yourselves", there are phrases within your comments that are very telling.
    Beware of those using the phrase "social justice", that is the new slang for Communism.