Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Photos for Grandma Colette

It's been a while since I've posted photos for Grandma Colette, so here you go!

Here is Sarah playing with one of the kittens. This is the girl one which my creative children have named Catty. They named the boy one Cat. Yes, my children get their creativity from me.

Sarah helping with the okra harvest

Andrew eating beets for the first time

This weekend the kids were excited to have their cousins come visit. Here's Sarah taking her cousins to the barn to find eggs.

Here's Alexis looking beautiful at the top of the playland.

Andrew and Kaylee playing on the seesaw

That police car got a workout on Saturday

My sister and I tried to get a picture of all six kids together, but these were the best I could come up with. It's hard to get six children to say "Cheese" at the same time!

You know, it's hard to get three children to say "Cheese" at the same time!

Shawn took the kids on a trail ride while my sister, Kaylee, and I walked behind

We made a stop so Shawn could show us his deer stand

Throwing this one in because I think it's cute (Yes, when my daughter is sleepy she puts one thumb in her mouth and puts a finger in her belly button.)

That's all I have for now Grandma...enjoy!

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  1. Such cute pictures. Our oldest daughter named her bear "Bear" and our youngest named her cat "kitty" and our son named his pig, the one we got from you "pig." Some kids are just creative,lol.