Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Addition

Apparently last week was "dump your animals on our property" week. We didn't get the memo, but seeing that we acquired two cats and a dog last week, an announcement must've gone out that we just missed. This young dog showed up with his hip bones protuding and every single rib showing. He obviously hadn't been fed in a while, but he was such a sweet thing, that we decided to put him on probation to see if he was suitable to stay here. So we watched him and avoided naming him just in case he turned out to be unfit. He's done well with the chickens and the cats and the kids. He isn't a "barker," which is good. The only time we've heard him bark is when some other stray dogs started snooping around our fence's perimeter.

So last night we decided that we should go ahead and give him a name. I had gotten in the habit of calling him Buddy. Sam and Sarah are adamant that his name is Doggie. Andrew just calls him Woof-Woof. Shawn and I thought it over and I think we're naming him Striker, after a very heroic dog. It's our hope that our Striker will turn out to be just as loyal and courageous as his namesake.

And no, I'm not going to tell you the story behind the heroism of the famous Striker. His real-life story is well-known. I'm anxious to see if anyone reading this knows why Striker the dog is a canine that no freedom-loving American should forget. If you know, leave a comment and tell us!


  1. Can I assume you mean the Weaver's dog?

  2. Yes Ang, we did name him after the Weaver's dog! Honestly, I didn't expect anyone to get it this quickly!

  3. Striker gave his life to alert Randy, Sammy and Kevin that the jack-booted thugs (JBTs) were lurking in the woods. Striker began barking and ran up to the JBTs, at which time the dog was shot. The JBTs then began firing at a 14-year-old boy who was running away toward his father. Shooting a child in the back was not enough to quench their thirst for blood, there was more supporters of the Second Amendment to execute. They wounded Randy and Kevin, then shot Vicki in the head while she held a baby in her hands.
    That incident was a wake-up call to all people who support home schooling, gun ownership and living off the land. The federal government will go out of its way to eliminate you for your beliefs. We must vote for candidates who promise to defund these agencies. The JBTs are powerless if we eliminate funding for their operations. Our taxes are being used to fund agencies that are dedicated to getting rid of us. Wake up! It doesn't take a full-scale revolution to end this, just elect Reps who will cut off funding to these agencies and this nightmare will end.