Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life Around the Homestead

I admit it, I've been slacking lately. I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and the yucky feelings are starting to show up. I have very low energy and waves of nausea come and go throughout the day. I find myself craving some foods and being revolted by others. So, blogging has taken a backseat for a bit. I'm grateful that Shawn was able to put his guest post up for me and will probably have him fill in the gaps a little more until I start feeling 100% again.

We did have a good time outside with the kids earlier this week. It's times like this when I think the children really resemble country kids as opposed to the more city-fied children that we moved out here in December. The video is of Sam driving his police car around the property with Andrew's Tonka truck tied to the back. Then Andrew sat in the back part of the Tonka dump truck and was having a great time as Sam towed him around the property.

Then of course, Sarah had to have a ride too! (This video starts off sideways, but quickly goes vertical.)

Finally, here are a few more fall pictures that I've taken around the homestead.


  1. I can see the St. Louis Post Dispatch stories now, "Web Video Shows Truant Children Dragged Around Religious Compound by Rope", "Radical Right-Wing Web Blogger Previously Provided Pink Assault Weapon to Brainwashed Daughter" and "Ruby Ridge Inspired Attack Dog Striker Seen Chasing Frightened Children in Video"

  2. Too funny, Anonymous!! Thanks for the laugh!