Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall Is Here!

We had such a wonderful, productive day yesterday. The weather was cool enough that we were able to go the whole day with the doors and windows open on the house. We worked hard around the property trying to get things ready for winter. Shawn collected some firewood, we cleaned up trees, and then ended the day with a walk around the property.

We made our way over to the Mule Pond, which is a small little pond that is filled by one of our springs. It has been so dry this summer that the Mule Pond finally dried up.

Here is Shawn standing in the hole that is usually filled with water.

Here you can see the dried-up Mule Pond a bit better. We'd really like to find out exactly where the spring bubbles up from the ground.

There's still a lot of beautiful wildflowers to be seen.

Then we made our way back to the second spring. We call it the Deep Spring because it basically looks like a deep well. We love the way it looks.

It's also nice that it retains water even when there's very, very little rain.

Cute grandbabies for Grandma Colette to see.

The pond was down really low, so it was easy to see the tracks of the animals that have been coming to get a drink. Here you can see tracks from deer, turkey, and raccoon.

I also ended up washing the fleece blankets yesterday that Aunt Angie made for us. I always keep these in the vehicle during the Fall/Winter in case of an emergency or just if the kids get cold. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the "tent" that was made from the blankets hanging on the line.

Anyhow, that was our day. I enjoyed it so much that I thought I'd share. I hope you enjoyed it too!

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