Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Weekend On The Homestead

First off, I guess I should start by showcasing the two newest members of the farm. Apparently, someone decided to gift us with (otherwise known as "dump") these two cute little kittens. Fortunately, we didn't have any and could use a couple of mouse-cats in the barn, so we're going to go ahead and keep them. The kids, or course, are in love with them. So, we now have an orange little boy kitten and a black/white little girl kitten...no names yet. They're slowly getting used to us and getting braver, wandering out from their hiding spot more and more. Shawn's even gotten to touch both of them.

This week Shawn's manly new manual saw came in. I say it's manly because, wow, it looks big and "beefy" (that's a word my brother made up...you know "beefy," big and stout, makes a man grunt like a caveman when he sees it). Shawn went down to the woods to get some firewood, and the kids just had to go, which meant that I had to go because Shawn can't watch 3 kids and cut firewood at the same time. So, we all trekked down to the woods.

Shawn got to work on the firewood

The kids and I took off for the trails in the woods

We made it to the Mule Pond, and the kids found the "Look Momma, the most huge leaves in all the world!" They were proud of them. Of course, after the picture, they got dropped to the ground.

This is how they came running out of the woods, hand in hand. Sam being the big brother and helping them find their way out.

Andrew and I were walking on the paths later, and we heard Sarah saying to Sam, "Momma's coming Sam! Hurry, hide!"

Apprently, if they can't see us, then it's a good hiding spot!

Oh, how many times a day do I see this image?

Shawn's woodpile is growing. You can see the small bow saw he was using compared to the big manly saw he has now. He says the new saw is so much more efficient.

Here are my country kids on Sunday. Sarah's eating an apple she picked from one of our apple trees and Drew is giving her a leisurely ride around the yard while she eats. See their jackets? It was downright chilly on Sunday. I spent a large part of the day pulling out the kids' fall/winter clothes and putting away summer things.

So, there you go, our weekend on the homestead. It was uneventful and productive...just the way I like it!


  1. The picture of Andrew holding his hands up looks just like Eric when he was little. It looks like the kids love the open space to run!!

  2. May I make a suggestion? Spay/Neuter.
    (The cats of course...not the people!)
    Congratulations on your little one developing
    and known by/seen by God!