Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why You Should Avoid Artificial Food

PLEASE open up the link below.

It's a link to a blog that I view on a regular basis. The post goes over a science experiment that a teenager did. The teen took wheat berries and soaked them in different mixtures before planting them. She used different food colorings, aspartame, and finally a control group in water. Then she planted the wheat and monitored the growth progress of each. It's amazing to see in the photograghs how food colorings and aspartame effected the growth of the wheat.

So, my question is...if simple wheat berries are effected this negatively by artificial dyes and sweeteners, what does that mean it is currently doing to your body?


  1. Hi, Janice--

    Just found your blog today through your link at Homesteading Today. Great topics, great photos, beautiful family, beautiful property.

    God bless you all-- Sara

  2. Interesting link and blog. I enjoyed the blog post I found earlier this year about the never-aging happy meal. My kids don't even get it anymore, but Gavin won't eat it anyway because he says it makes him feel yucky.