Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wonderful Monotony

Today I made a trip to the big city. It had been six days since I left our property. I think some people's jaws may have just dropped to the floor at the fact that I just spent nearly a week at home. However that's really not all that uncommon. We live far enough out now that it is a decent undertaking to go into town. If I'm going to load up all three kids and drive 35 minutes into town, then I need a pretty good reason. Also, I'm going to make real sure that the trip into town is worthwhile. I plan my stops and try to get everything done in one trip. I think it's a little funny that the kids now know which shoes are their "town shoes" and which outfits are their "going to town clothes."

Ten years ago, if you had told me that I needed to spend six days at home, I probably would've balked. What in the world would I do at home for six days? Well, I guess what I do now could be considered monotonous. However, I really enjoy the monotony. I don't like drama. I enjoy life rolling along at a nice, even pace. Doing the mundane is a joy for me.

Living in this rural area gives me a chance to stay home and live a wonderfully monotonous life. I while back I made up a schedule that fit our family. I have it up on the refrigerator. Momma and Daddy's chores are printed in black and the children's duties are printed in red. If the kids ever fuss over doing something, I point to the list and say, "See what time it is...It's time for (whatever they're fussing about.)" It works for my kids and makes life easier for me. Anyhow, here's our daily schedule:

Children: Computer time
Momma: Bible study, then fix breakfast

Eat Breakfast at 8:00
Children: Clean off table, get dressed, brush teeth, make beds, then play with toys
Momma: Get dressed, make bed, wash dishes

Children: Movie time
Momma: Morning chores, feed chickens, start laundry, meal prep

Snack time at 10:00 then take honey medicine
School time – read books, play games, study outside

Children: Play with toys
Momma: Prepare lunch, check email

Eat lunch at 12:00
Children: Clean off table, clean up toys
Momma: Wash dishes

Children: Quiet time in bedrooms
Momma: Afternoon/outdoor chores then computer time

Snack time, then outside play time

Momma: Prepare supper
Children: Daddy time/School time

Eat supper at 5:30
Children: Clean off table then play outside
Momma: Wash dishes, sweep floor
Daddy: Put chickens to bed

Children: Bath time then play with toys
Momma: Tomorrow’s meal prep

Family time, then clean up toys

Every family's list will look different, but this one is working for us right now. It really has been helpful in keeping our monotony productive!

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