Monday, November 29, 2010

Comfy Cozy

"Comfy Cozy" is what the kids say when we put them in their warm pajamas. That's exactly how I'm feeling today, comfy cozy.

This is what it looks like outside.

(Yes, these pictures are taken through my living room window. I'm not going outside today if I can help it.)

Despite the yuckiness outside, this is what it's like inside my home. This is the reason I feel comfy cozy today.

I've closed up my thermal curtains to block out the cold, rainy outside. There's a nice warm fire going in the woodstove. Of course, the Christmas tree makes my home feel more cozy too. I'm just really content today. I'm loving the provisions God has given us and wanted to share.

If you're experiencing a dismal rainy day today too, I hope you're in a comfy cozy spot as well.


  1. Janice, your home updates look so nice. I completely agree with the coziness of rainy, cold weather. Call me crazy, but I like days like this too!

  2. Those outside photos look exactly like it looked outside my windows yesterday. Today it's snowing.