Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Work In Progress

I'm not a very patient person. Here's yet another way in which God is trying to teach me patience. Now that the weather has turned cooler, Shawn and I have started focusing on fixing up the inside of the house. Up until this point, we've spent most of our energy working out in the garden, orchard, and root cellar since the weather's been so nice.

This bathroom is our current work in progress. It's coming along little by little, but not quick enough for this impatient woman. I don't like it when things are halfway-done. Since we have to make improvements as funds become available, I'm just going to have to get used to this eclectic bathroom combination. We have the lovely purple wallpaper border and blue bathtub/shower from the home's previous owners combined with the yellow and blue ducky decor from our old home added to the new tan/cream flooring and green cabinets that we've just added since moving in.

On the to-do list is to remove the wallpaper border then paint the walls a tan color that has a hint of brown in it. Then I want to stain the closet door to match the wood trim. I plan on getting an oversized shower curtain that will totally hide the blue bathtub/shower until eventually we're able to replace it with a neutral colored one.

I think it'll look nice when everything is eventually done. I just have to learn patience in the meantime I guess. I don't like learning patience.


  1. I hear ya!! After 4 years of wanting new windows, we are finally having them installed today! I cannot wait to start on our bathroom remodel, Eric can't wait to do some landscaping, and we want to replace the basement stairs next. But it all takes time and money; neither of which just grows on a tree out back.~Amanda

  2. Amanda, yeah for new windows! I remember that you all have been talking about them for a while. I know you still have a big list of things you'd like to do, but I think you two have done a lot since getting your place. The improvements are definitely noticible.

  3. Great work Janice! I have stenciling my bathroom on my to-do list, but have to wait until spring. We don't have a window that can be opened while I paint. Looks great!