Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Coming

(Lately I've been totally uninterested in blogging. This is largely due to the third subject that Shawn covers in the following post. Basically, I just don't want to give Big Brother anything to read, even if my teeny little blog is considered small potatoes. Anyhow, so no one believes that I've abandoned the blog, my dear husband has decided to write up the latest post. So, here you go... - Janice)

Over the past two years, we have watched the federal government grow in power at an astonishing rate. I was going to begin this post with a brief overview of some of the things the federal government has taken over, but the list became too lengthy. Let’s be honest, if you’re not aware by now of this radical shift in federal power, I doubt you’re bothering to read a blog post about it. So while I preach to the choir, we know that the federal government is becoming more powerful each day.

Over the past few weeks, Obama’s agenda has shifted into hyper-overdrive. For example:

TSA Gestapo
Airline passengers are being subjected to what can only be described as a sexual assault by TSA agents. By the way, did you know that TSA agents have NEVER caught a single terrorist in 8 years? They refuse to profile young Muslim males with ties to terrorist supporting countries, but insist that fondling the breasts of 85-year-old grandmothers and viewing nude images of 12-year-old girls will keep us safe. It is all to condition us to agree to be mistreated, and it is working.

Nuclear Disarmament
The START Treaty is nothing more than the implementation of what Obama promised during his campaign, that he would work to eliminate our nuclear weapons. This treaty will, of course, be completely ignored by our enemies, while we foolishly begin eliminating our weapons. This is as absurd as a police department signing a treaty with a local drug gang to eliminate various weapons carried by police if the criminals promise to do the same. Don’t forget, it was Obama who stated during a debate that he would never use nuclear weapons, even if we were attacked by nukes.

FCC Seizure of the Internet
Obama appointees declared that the Federal Communications Commission now has regulatory authority over the Internet. Just like that, suddenly the Internet is viewed the same as television and radio, all subject to government approval. So called “net neutrality” will give the government control of search engine results, the content of websites and power over internet service providers. Libertarian and conservative oriented people have used the web to share information and exchange ideas for years due to the left-wing dominance of most other media outlets. This is exactly why they are taking it over. How soon before blogs like this one be removed by the FCC?

Controlling Your Food
The Food Safety Modernization Act gives the FDA unprecedented powers to control every aspect of food production in this country. The seeds you plant, the use of chemicals and fertilizers, how food is grown, what foods are allowed to be consumed, the sale of foods, how animals are raised, etc… are now under the control of the federal government. This is a huge threat to organic, home-based farms and natural foods. See the following link and watch the video:
I fear that the next “Waco” type incident will occur during a food raid. The aggressiveness of the SWAT-style food raids introduces violence into a non-violent situation.

Radicalization of our Military
Perhaps the greatest challenge to a potential left-wing dictator rising to power in the United States has been the traditionally conservative U.S. Military. Obama has implemented what I predict will be a successful plan to quickly transition our military into a primarily left-wing organization. The allowance of openly homosexual people in the military will do two things almost immediately, reduce the number of conservative minded recruits which have traditionally joined the military and dramatically increase the number of homosexuals who join the military. I can see joining the military becoming an “in thing” for gays, as they quickly begin dominating our armed forces. Obama then has a military force that shares his radical views.

ATF Preparing to Ban/Seize Semi-Auto Firearms
The ATF is now tracking the sale of semi-automatic firearms with a detachable magazine. The ATF not only requests this information for the future, but also on sales of such weapons over the past 10 years. They are making a list of Americans who owns these firearms. We all know what they intend to do with that list. By the way, this announcement came within weeks of Obama appointing radical anti-gunner Andrew Traver as the next director of the ATF.

These are things that have occurred within the past few weeks. For those who believe the new Congress will stop this, I have news for you, they can’t. The Republicans don’t have the votes to override a Presidential veto and most of Obama’s agenda will be carried out through executive orders and administrative actions by agency appointees. The things we have feared the most are here and/or coming soon. Are you prepared?

A quick word of caution…before discussing these things with acquaintances, keep in mind that 52.9% of the people who live and work around you voted for these things to happen. Be careful who you speak to, we live in a dangerous time.

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