Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photos Around the Homestead

Things are continuing to grow and grow around here. We're trying hard to keep up with all the obligations on and off the property. It was a beautiful day today, so the kids and I spent some time outside with the camera.

Chickens are getting big

Pears are growing

Peaches are growing

I think this is one of our apple trees, but it might be another variety of pear.

Cherries are growing

Blueberries are growing

Strawberries are growing (and turning red already!)

Blackberries are blooming

Grapes are growing

Flowers are blooming

Children are growing

Despite all the work it takes, I'm still immensely grateful for this place.


  1. I love it! Hey, do you know if you can cultivate or whatever it's called from the blackberry bushes? You know like cut a piece and root it to replant. I'm asking because we have wild ones at the end of our road and Avlyn and I used to love to go down and pick some. But a couple of years ago, the county came through with these huge mowers and just hacked the ever living love out of everything growing on the edge of the woods and that was the end of the blackberries. But I see they're finally coming back this year and was thinking of going and cutting some branches if it's possible to root them. Do you know? (And yes, I know it's stealing from national forest, but if they're gonna come by and hack them to death again I figure they won't care :)

  2. Can't help but think of GOD as I look at these pictures. He is such an awesome creator!