Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Sam Update

I know that lately all I seem to write about is Sam and his behavior, but that's about all I've been focused on lately. We're seeing a lot of improvements, so I'm excited to share our experiences as we get to know our son better. Most probably won't understand this, but it's really difficult to "know" who Sam is because more often than not, he is not "here." His mind is off in some other place and communicating with him is extremely difficult. Lately, though, he's been "here" so much more, so we're really enjoying spending time with our son and discovering our sweet boy.

Today, Sam had a not-so-good day. There was more humming and pacing than we've seen in the past 12 days. He's been solely focused on the TV, where lately, he's been better about participating in other activities. Today it felt like he regressed a little bit. For instance, tonight when Shawn got ready to put Sam to bed, Sam had a meltdown over shutting the TV off. He insisted that we MUST wait until the entire movie was over with before shutting it off. (He'd already watched the same movie earlier today.) Anyhow, Shawn got Sam into his room and put him in bed. Sam argued that he wasn't tired yet. Shawn gave him a magazine and told him that he could read until he got sleepy. Sam said thank you and then, as clear as can be Sam said, "Daddy, if I don't feel sick tomorrow, can we talk again?" It's times like this that make me determined to figure out what's causing these autistic behaviors. These moments of clarity give me hope that, one day, we'll no longer use the terms "good days" and "bad days" when referring to Sam's behavior.

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