Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Am Not Crazy, I Am A Radical Homemaker

Doesn't "radical homemaker" sound so much more significant than "stay at home mom?" When someone would ask me, "So do you work?," I would reply, "I stay home with the kids." Now I just might start saying, "Yes, I'm a radical homemaker."

I came across this story and found it really interesting.
Read it if you have time.

It's so neat to read about others that enjoy living the way we do. Those types of articles help me to feel less crazy and more trendy. Yeah, apparently I'm cool, I'm trendy, I'm a radical homemaker.


  1. I'm glad you liked this article. I couldn't pass it up without sending it to you. I too thought the same thing... "Stay at home with the kids" or "radical homemaker" decide, I'll take "radical homemaker" any ole' day! Who wouldv'e thought? :)

  2. I love this article!!! Now, if only I could get a milk goat and about 25 chickens, I'd be happy. Unfortunately, can't do that in the town where I live. But, we did plant 8 blueberry bushes the other day!!

  3. One more thought on this. When I worked at the bank, I remember reading a job description several times, "Domestic Engineer". I read this the first time and thought, "domestic what??!!" . I asked someone about this and they said when the women's lib was big in the 70's this was a common description of "stay at home mom". I still like "Radical homemaker"..

  4. Thank you for this link. This reminded me of a post Hallee wrote here which she entitled "Labeling Hallee (as a Homemaker)" Very similar sentiments. And you ARE a radical homemaker!
    God Bless,