Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ohhhh! So Exciting!

So, this morning Sam spilled his cup of water all over the floor. Obviously, that's not why I'm so excited. I'm excited at the way he responded to having made the mess.

I made pancakes for breakfast this morning. Sam had finished eating a while ago and his empty plate and water cup were sitting on the counter. Apparently he decided he wanted more pancake, and in the process of putting more on his plate, he knocked his water cup to the floor. Water went everywhere.

Just a week or two ago, his typical response would've been to holler, hop from one foot to the other, and bang his hands over his ears. He would've then gotten angry and said, "I'm gonna HIT the cup!"

Today, however, he said, "Oh Momma, I made a mess! I didn't mean to do it." I said, "I know Sam. Was it an accident?" He said, "Yes Momma, it was an accident. I wanted more pancake. Will you forgive me?"

Read that twice...I was here to see and hear it and I still don't believe it. I have to read it twice because it just doesn't seem possible.

Yes, Sam will still have meltdowns on occasion and still doesn't like large groups of people, but it's these small improvements that just blow me away. For most people, this incident would've been NOTHING, but to me it is an awesome, amazing, monumentous improvement.

So, I'm so very grateful that Sam spilled water all over the floor today.


  1. How exciting!! Way to go Sam!! I know you must have been tickled to see that.

  2. That is very good news janice, I work with several autistic children here at school and I see those "bad" type of reactions daily. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with working with his diet to help "him" out!!!!!

  3. You are doing a great job with him Janice. I don't see him often, but I think he did so great at my house yesterday. His love of books has always amazed me. You probably don't think about it, but soooo many parents would love it if thir kid grabbed a book and sat down and read rather than ran around the house like a banshee (yes, I'm referring to my own ;)I think all of your kids are so sweetly dispositioned.

    And they are spitting images of each other. I meant to tell you that yesterday. Some siblings look similar, but your and Sean's genes make strikingly similar looking children. There's definitely no denying that they're related. LOL!

  4. Thank you for the kind words. Rhyah, you're so sweet to say such nice things. I admit, I was very anxious about going to your home with so many children there. I almost cancelled out because I was afraid Sam would have a meltdown while there. We had a really nice time though and I'm really pleased with how Sam behaved overall. Thanks for having us!