Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sam's 5th Birthday: The Official Party Post

Our family isn't real big on having elaborate parties for each child's birthday. I usually make a special supper and birthday treat on their birthday and we get them a small gift. Sometimes we'll have family over for a small get-together.

Grandmas, however, are a different story...

My mom really enjoys doing "the party thing," so she decorated her house and gave Sam his own special party. Thanks Grandma!

Here Sam and Sarah are waiting for their cousins to arrive. The kids were just plain giddy to see the goody bags and helium balloons.

Sam with some of his birthday gifts

Sam and his birthday cake

Some of you might remember an early post of mine where I used the all-natural food colorings for the first time. While I was pleased with them on Sarah's birthday cake, I thought that they were a little too pastel-girly for a five year old boy's cake. So, I decided to just use organic fruit to top his cake. In my head the cake looked really neat with his name spelled out in strawberries and a strawberry border around the edge of the cake. However, once I started putting them on the cake I quickly realized that there wasn't going to be enough room for both his name and a border in strawberries. Also, after it was all said and done, I realized that the cake had a sort of Halloween look to it...doesn't it look like dripping blood or something equally gruesome? Anyhow, it tasted good (chocolate with strawberries..yum!)and Sam was excited to see his name on his cake. So, while not exactly what I would've preferred, it did end ok.

Andrew was wearing a white shirt. Being the quick thinker that I am :), I remembered to take it off before cake time. Doesn't he look like the life of the party? For such a little guy, he has the cutest pot belly!

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