Friday, March 5, 2010

Announcing An Addition To Our Family!

Shawn and I are excited to announce that we have more babies in the house!

No, I'm not pregnant again...did I scare you Colette??

Shawn brought 15 of these cute little Rhode Island Reds home yesterday.

Here's the brooder that Shawn built for them.

Right now they're in our dining room. I don't know how long they'll stay in our dining room though. We're learning as we go here. They may get transferred out to the shop or may go straight from house to coop..we'll see.

Yesterday we got chickens, weeded the asparagus patch, removed a tree from the fenceline and repaired the fence. Today I'm using my clothesline. I'm feeling really homesteader-ish today!

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  1. They are sooo cute!! I bet the kids are loving them!