Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Sam!!

I can't believe it, but Sam turned 5 years old today.

All day long, Sarah was more excited about Sam's birthday than Sam was. However, as soon as it came time for presents, THEN Sam was excited about his birthday.

Sam got some markers and neat wooden puzzles from Uncle Larry and Aunt Patty

Sam was excited to find some "monies" hidden in the card from Grandma and Papa

He really liked the little $1 airplane that Shawn brought home for him

Then he got REALLY excited when he saw the fishing pole that was from Grandma Colette

Andrew liked Sam's birthday because he got to eat birthday treats

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  1. Happy Birthday Sam! Great post Janice. This is truly the best time of our lives. Everyone tells Brad and I this and I believe without a doubt they are right. If only there was a pause button! It looks like Sam had a super special birthday!!