Thursday, March 17, 2011

Changes Around Here

Hi all! Spring seems like it might really, truly be here finally. It's 75 degrees and windy today...wonderful! The daffodils are blooming, the Bradford pear trees are trying to bud out, and the roses are showing the first signs of life. Shawn has been busy around the property lately. He's been doing what projects he can with the weather being dreary and cool. Here's what he's been up to:

Shawn has been busy building rabbit cages. Earlier this week he was able to finally go get our rabbits. We now have two does and a buck. They're New Zealand rabbits that are supposed to be especially good for meat production. One of the does may already be expecting, so we may have our first litter in early April. The kids are excited to have huge rabbits and I'm excited to have a supplemental meat source!

Shawn's also been busy expanding our garden. He took advantage of the soft ground this week to put in new posts for the expanded garden. We now have a garden that is 70 feet by 80 feet. Today it was finally dry enough that he was able to till it up a bit. I told Shawn that the garden looks great, but now all we have to do is plant it, water it, weed it, harvest it, and preserve it!

In other news, we're getting about 14 eggs a day out of our 18 hens. I'm researching what to do with grape vines that have been nearly abandoned for years. I don't have a clue how to go about pruning vines that are out of control. I'm in my third trimester of pregnancy now. The baby moves around all the time. According to my pregnancy books, the baby should be around 3 pounds at this point. We're branching into uncharted territory in the garden this year. I've ordered seeds for peanuts and a variety of herbs to put in a culinary and medicinal herb garden. We're also going to attempt to grow corn and sunflowers to supplement our animal feed.

Big let's just see if we can keep up with them!

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