Monday, August 2, 2010

We Have Eggs!!

Woo Hoo, so excited!

Shawn went out to the coop this morning to let the chickens out and found these three little surprises waiting for him.

No, none of our chickens laid the stick of butter...I just put it there for a size comparison.

Anyhow, we're excited. Of course, it figures that I just purchased 10 dozen eggs from the farm this weekend. I foresee us eating lots of eggs.

Editing to add in another picture. When I went out to put the chickens away last night I found a 4th egg in the coop. Then I put all the new eggs in the carton with the eggs we just bought from the farm. You can really tell the difference in size when you compare them in the carton!


  1. I remember those first few eggs from our hens about 5 years back. It was amazing! I didn't even want to break them open and use them, I wanted to keep them forever, LOL.