Thursday, November 12, 2009

House For Sale

Today we're listing our house for sale. I still have reservations about leaving simply because I love my home and all the memories we have here. This is the only home the kids have ever known. On the other hand, it's possible that we could be living our dream of having a homestead!

The property we're interested in is perfect for homesteading. It has an established orchard with apple, peach, pear, cherry, walnut, pecan, and hazelnut trees. It also has blueberries and blackberries on the property. There's a garden with an asparagus patch, a stocked fish pond, chicken coop, and two springs. There's enough wooded property to hunt deer and turkey and enough pasture to contain cattle and goats one of these days. Plus, the home is nice too. Of course, there are things I'd like to do to it to make it my own, but those can come later as the budget allows. Here's a picture of the home.

If you feel led, I would appreciate any prayers. Of course, I would love the sale of our current home and our purchase of this new property to go smoothly. However, ultimately I want to ensure that we're following the path that God has for our family. It's so easy to start focusing on all we want and to lose focus on what God has planned for us. It would be a tremendous help if we had prayers for discernment and open-mindedness throughout this process. Also, if this should not happen, prayers for acceptance would be necessary! I'll keep you all updated.

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  1. Prayers will definitely be lifted for your family as you take this step in finding a new place to call home. It's beautiful and it sounds exactly like what you've been looking and praying for!