Sunday, April 9, 2017

First Fishing Trip of 2017

Yup, we're still here!  I know it's likely that no one will read this, but our family is still here and well.  We walked out to our pond for our first try at fishing this year and I got some great pictures that I wanted to share with anyone that might still visit this blog.  We now have six children.  Did I ever even post that we had a sixth child?!?  Anyhow, Samuel is 12, Sarah is 10, Andrew is 8, David is 5, Anna is 3, and Abigail is 1.

It was a windy day for a fishing trip, but the children didn't care.  We started off with a quick and simple picnic lunch.  We had to keep holding our plates down because the wind would gust and try to blow our plates away!

Then a couple boys kept an eye on some tadpoles while the rest of us finished eating.

I love this picture.  Andrew looks like a peaceful country boy.

Andrew and David can act like the best of friends sometimes and bicker like they're the worst enemies at other times.  They enjoyed fishing together today though.

You can see the house in the distance, so it's not too far of a walk to get to our pond.

Samuel caught one fish.

Andrew was the winning fisherman.  He caught three fish today.

Today's little fishing trip got us to thinking about another project we'd like to tackle on our homestead.  It would be so nice to have a big picnic table (or two tables) under a covered pavilion like they have at parks.  We'd also like to put in one of those charcoal grills like parks have as well.  We'd love to have other families over to fish with us and a shady place to sit would be nice.  It would be extra handy to have a place for a playpen to sit in the shade in case another baby were to come along too!  The project list never ends!


  1. So glad to read an update from you! Congratulations on your newest edition to the family!


  2. Congratulations!
    I was wondering how Sam is doing and if you are still doing GAPS diet for him. I just learned about GAPS diet and listend to the podcast. I have 2 sons now with the younger one being 7 month. My older son is 4 years old with ASD. They make me so busy and I was wondering how do you keep up with everything. All my mom friends with asd children end up with having only one. Having a kid with Asd itself is like having 10 kids.

    1. Sam is doing really well. We're no longer on the GAPS diet. We pretty much eat a Weston Price diet now, but will still occasionally eat restaurant food if we're away from the house. Sam's difficulties become more evident if he gets excited or stressed out. In those instances he might flap his hands or overreact. Under normal circumstances though you wouldn't even be able to tell that he was on the spectrum. He's very, very smart and loves to discuss deep, philosophical topics.

      I'm not really sure how to explain how I keep up with everything! I just take it one day at a HOUR at a time! We do have a schedule that we try to stick to and my children know our routine so we can work better together as a team. We all have our jobs within the home and out on the property. I certainly don't do everything myself! Shawn and the children do a lot too. I admit that it's definitely easier now that the children have gotten older. Perhaps I should do a new blog post about our schedule and how we fit cooking, housework, homeschooling, and homesteading into our days?!? :)

  3. Yes yes you should!

    I'm glad to hear that Sam is doing great. It gives me lots of hope. Thanks for your reply.