Friday, April 22, 2011

I Think We're Getting A Reputation

So we've lived here on our homestead for a year and four months...and apparently that's long enough to where people have started remembering us.

The first instance occurred when Shawn called Sears to set up an appointment to have his lawn mower serviced. The guy on the phone asked for directions to our property. Shawn started giving them and was promptly interrupted when the Sears guy said, "Oh yeah, I remember, you're the gun people!"

The second instance was with the UPS delivery guy. Not too long ago he made the comment that, "It doesn't matter when I show up here, you and your wife always have a gun on."

So apparently we're the gun-toting homesteaders.

I was telling these stories to family recently and my cousin got tickled when I explained that I've been having trouble wearing my gun belt lately because of my belly getting too big. I went on to say that I've let my gun belt out about as far as it would go and I think I'm nearing the end of being able to put it on. Apparently my cousin thought the mental picture of short, very pregnant Janice chasing children and chickens while wearing a Smith & Wesson model 66 .357 magnum was funny. So, instead of leaving him with the mental picture, I thought I'd just show him the real thing.

Here I am in all my very pregnant, gun-toting glory:

Now some of you may be wondering, "Why on earth is she carrying a handgun around all the time? Is she expecting some sort of trouble?" Well, of course I'm not expecting any trouble. If I were, I'd be carrying my rifle. Silly people...


  1. OK, I may be naive, but why ARE you wearing a gun?

  2. Marcee, Shawn and I are all about being prepared and self-sufficient, so wearing a weapon on our property is just another way for us to do that. You never know when our family might need to be protected from either a four-legged or a two-legged beast. We choose not to be dependent upon the delayed help of local law enforcement in case of an emergency. 911 is not available out here and, even if it were, the liklihood that help would arrive in a timely manner is very, very, very low. We choose to use our 2nd Amendment rights on a daily basis around here. For those reasons, Shawn and I always have a weapon when we're working outside.

    Marcee, I sometimes forget that not everyone lives WHERE we do and HOW we do! Sometimes more explanation is needed than I realize!

    Take care,

  3. When asked the question "Why do you carry a gun?" I like to respond with "Because a gun is easier to carry than a police officer."

    Here is another way to look at it....
    A dangerous person enters my property. I call the Sheriff's Department and get my gun. The Deputy is 25 miles away traveling 35 miles per hour over rough mountain terrain. My gun is 25 feet from my attacker and fires bullets that travel over 1000 feet per second. Which one has the fastest response time?

    By the way, anyone lurking about looking for trouble will most likely scout out your property first. When they see everyone carrying a gun, they will think twice about attacking your farm.

  4. Thanks for the clarification Janice!

  5. I love it Janice!! I shared this photo with my sister in Tennessee. I am proud of you and Shawn and I think you are being smart. I'm planning to go gun shopping very soon!