Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Busy Saturday

We had a nice day at home Saturday. Shawn's been working a lot, so just having him home all day was a nice change of pace. Sarah and I started the day by making cupcakes and bread. Grandma Colette had sent some nice Valentine cupcake papers, so Sarah was excited to use those.

While Drew was sleeping, Shawn decided to give me a break and take Sam for a walk around our property. They started off down by our pond.

See that patch of pines on the other side of the pond, behind Sam? That's where they went next. This picture shows our home and barn.

While in the patch of pines, they found the remains of a deer.

Then they made their way back to one of the springs on our property. We call this one the deep spring. You cannot see the bottom of it even though the water is crystal clear. The previous owners told us that there used to be a farmhouse built near the spring and the family used it to refrigerate items. They would tie ropes to bottles and lower them down into the spring to stay chilled.

The deep spring is the beginning of a small creek that runs through our property.

Sam found the remains of the turtle near the deep spring. He decided that he needed to take it back to the pond since that's where turtles are supposed to live. He carried that turtle, which he named Yertle, the rest of the hike.

Ok...graphic image alert!! As they were nearing the second spring they came across the remains of a turkey. Shawn said it looked to be freshly killed by something pretty impressive. He said the turkey looked like it had exploded. (I'm only posting this so that an upcoming event has more impact!)

Then they made their way to the second spring on the property. We call this one the mule pond. The previous owner said that when loggers used to come onto the property long ago, they would make a corral around this spring for the mules to drink from.

As Shawn was taking this next picture of Sam, they heard the throaty growl of some kind of cat not too far off. Sam immediately came running to Shawn demanding to be held. Any of you that know Sam will know that this is odd behavior for him. He is not a "hold me, carry me" kind of kid. Shawn said the cat sounded close and sounded mad. His best guess is that they interrupted the cat's final moments with the turkey and it was making its displeasure known. Anyhow, they left the woods quickly after that. Bobcat or mountain lion? What could do that kind of damage to a turkey?

They came back and we got to eat some yummy treats.

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  1. Wow! Your bread turned out beautiful. I make my own too, care to share your recipie? Your property is gorgeous! Kinda scary about that cat thing!!