Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We Are Still Here...kind of.

Just wanted to post a quick note so you all didn't think we'd moved to another continent or something. We are moved in, still sorting through boxes and trying to find places for everything. I absolutely love it here and I don't miss my other house at all! The kids are doing great too. I haven't heard any complaints about wanting to go back to the other house. We are spending so much more time outside simply because it's so nice to go out there and see all the surprises that our property holds. Our first night here was Wednesday night. Thursday morning we woke up, opened the blinds..and sat and watched four deer play (or fight..I don't really know) in the open pasture on the other side of our pond. It was a great way to wake up that first morning. Shawn also says that he saw a bobcat in the patch of pines near our pond today. That certainly never happened at our old home.

Our internet is not as fast or reliable out here, so getting online is more of a hassle. Also, my cell phone only gets reception if I'm standing next to one of our south-facing windows. So, yes we are here, but not as accessible as before. I do promise to post more as things get settled.

We love being country bumpkins. Is it bad that it suits us??


  1. While reading this I pictured you on your phone being like, "Can you hear me now?" LOL! It sounds wonderful. The bobcat thing scares me, but that's just me. Before we moved here I thought Poplar Bluff was crawling with em' and I'd see them chasing me down the street or something when I went for a walk. Thankfully that's not the case.

  2. Your land sounds like a piece of heaven. Must be so nice to be away from the hussle and bussle of city, okay town, life.